We have a large range of bespoke one-off pieces available. Only a selected few of these are displayed on this website. We are able to do custom designs to meet your specific requirements.

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Pink Tourmaline Pearl Choker
A very bright 10.15ct concave cut oval pink Tourmaline with diamonds and 3 strands of natural light pink sea pearls

Grossular Garnet Choker
A very rare 2.25ct mint green Grossular Garnet with diamonds set in 18ct white gold

Rubellite Tourmaline Choker
A contemporary design incorporating 8.25ct red Rubellite Tourmaline and white Sapphires set in 18ct white gold

Lilac Purple Tourmaline Choker
A 8.85ct lilac purple concave cut pear Tourmaline with diamonds set in 18ct white gold