Rubellite Tourmaline

Tourmalines Rubellith is an outstandingly beautiful gemstone from the colourful Tourmaline family. Its colours sparkle in the most beautiful shades from red to pink.

Tourmalines are closely related gemstones which are supplied by Nature in many different colours. The trade generally uses no separate denominations for the individual varieties, but rather adds the colour to the name Tourmaline, thus referring to red, green, yellow or blue Tourmalines. But there are exceptions to this rule: this applies especially to the red and pink stones.

Red and pink Tourmalines come in many different shades from palest shell-pink via bold pink to a deep ruby red. But only a selected few of these are called "Rubellith”. The name is derived from the Latin term "rubellus” which means "reddish”. Bur Rubelliths are not simply red or pink Tourmalines. This exceptionally beautiful gemstone shows a decisive characteristic: its steady colour in daylight and artificial light. In fact, many gemstones change their colour depending on the source of light. A Rubellith never changes colour: it shines as brilliantly and clearly in daylight as in artificial light. In contrast to this, the colour of most other pink and red Tourmalines shows a more or less noticeable brownish hue in artificial light.

Appreciated inner life

While generally coloured gemstones in good qualities are expected to be almost free of inclusions, such imperfections are tolerated for Rubellith, even welcomed to some extent, since they make the stone more interesting. Of course, this assumes that the inclusions are really tiny and do not interfere with the light refraction in the stone, because otherwise the stone might appear dull or milky. In any case, a Rubellith with small and fine inclusions will be more valuable than a stone displaying clearly visible inclusions.

While it is essential that the cutter bears in mind the different distribution of colour, Rubelliths are cut in various ways. The majority of the stones are found in Brazil, Madagascar, Mozambique, Nigeria and Pakistan. Some beautiful pink Rubelliths have been discovered in a gemstone mine in the USA.

Seductive red

The colour of this stone is the epitome of seduction. Its components are red, pink and purple – the typical colour harmony representing joy of life and lust. There is hardly another stone within the fascinating world of gemstones which shows a comparable erotic flair. The colour of Rubellith includes pink as well as the ambivalent purple. These two colour components provide the perfect foil for stressing its seductive red. Fortunately Nature supplies Rubellith in many shades of colour, so that every woman may find the Rubellith which perfectly suits her. She only has to find it – and this is no easy matter at all. It gets even more difficult when you are looking for two or more stones of the same shade. However, a woman who has become aware of the extravagance and beauty of this gemstone will certainly enjoy her Rubellith.